Why Use Us

In the modern world, we are keenly aware of the need to provide good intellectual property advice in a timely manner, which responds to our clients' needs.

We continually strive to improve our performance and service to clients, at a reasonable cost. Internal guidelines have been developed and are implemented to ensure that all our staff adhere to standards by which we aim to exceed our clients' expectations, with particular regard to client care, including writing in clear, plain and succinct English, promptly responding to telephone calls and correspondence, accurate and reliable performance, and openness in our financial dealings.

We aim to produce work that is thorough and covers all the relevant issues at a single time, since this is more efficient for us and our clients. All major issues are addressed whilst minor issues are dealt with in a concise manner. We do not miss issues.

We are aware that clients are important and busy people. We strive to provide advice that is focussed on the real or major issues of the case and irrelevant or low probability issues or courses of action are not addressed in excessive depth. We remember that we are advisors, we give advice, and try to be proactive whilst remembering that the ultimate decision rests with the client.

We strive for high accuracy in avoiding typos, getting correspondence enclosures correct, and having good presentation.

We aim to provide good quality work at a reasonable cost. We aim to exceed our clients' expectations on quality whilst meeting their expectations on costs. In considering "good quality", we try to do the best for our clients given the constraints of the situation and the facts of the case. In considering "reasonable cost", we avoid reverting to clients unnecessarily for further instructions as this adds to their direct and indirect costs. Letters to clients and associates are therefore drafted with the aim of obtaining the most useful instructions in return.

We should always be able to justify the work that has been done, the arguments used, and the course of action taken.

We take pride in our work and feel personal responsibility for our clients.

We aim to provide the sort of service that we would want others to give us.