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Intellectual Property Strategy

Identifying your Intellectual Property

We can help you to identify intellectual property in not only your current business but also your future ventures, how this can be protected, and how you can extract the maximum benefit from that property.

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Funding your Business

We can provide due diligence reports on intellectual property rights for potential investors in a business.

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Managing your Intellectual Property

We can perform intellectual property landscaping, identifying key market spaces versus intellectual property coverage, for potential business opportunities.

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Commercialising your Intellectual Property

We can advise you on how to maximise profits from your intellectual property, for example through licensing, or in how to tackle potential infringers.

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Practice Areas


We are very aware of the need to translate every possible aspect of our client's ingenuity into a protectable right, so we work closely with the inventor to understand the invention fully, it's application and it's alternatives.

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Trade marks

We offer advice regarding the creation and establishment of new brand names, including clearing trade marks against potential threats of infringement from earlier conflicting rights.

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We offer a complete service advising on the relative merits of the protection that can be gained for designs, both in this country and overseas, and on the enforcement of the protection gained.

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Copyright comes into existence when the work is created, however it is advisable to have some form of documentary proof to establish when the work came into existence.

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BREXIT - the UK is leaving the EU. What does this mean for your Intellectual property?

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